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During spring, we are busily digging tree for sale throughout the months of March to May.  Once trees begin to go dormant in the fall, we can dig orders for the months of October to December.  We also grow trees using ROOT POUCH technology, allowing them to be transplanted throughout the growing season.

Our website currently covers thirty (30) of our most popular deciduous, flowering and evergreen trees.  At last count, we were growing over 200 different species and cultivars on the farm.  So, if there is something special you are looking for and can’t find it, don’t fret, we have it or at least know where to find it.  Below I’ve included some of the trees we are currently growing, all varieties may not be available at all times.

Most Popular Varieties

Autumn Blaze Maple,

Crimson King Maple,

October Glory Red Maple,

Green Mountain Sugar Maple,

Fort McNair Horsechestnut,

River Birch,

Royal Frost Birch,

Eastern Redbud,

Skyline Locust,


Tulip Tree,


Royal Raindrop Crabapple,

Exclamation Plane Tree,

Canada Red Chokecherry,

Bur Oak,

Chinkapin Oak,

Red Oak,

Scarlet Oak,

Shingle Oak,

Swamp White Oak,

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree,

Dwarf Korean Lilac,

Frontier Elm,

Princeton Elm,

Triumph Elm,

Norway Spruce,

Eastern White Pine,

Black Hills Spruce,

Serbian Spruce.


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