Scarlet Oak

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Scarlet Oak (Quercus coccinea)

Scarlet Oak is a large oak that tolerates high pH better than Pin Oak.  This oak makes a large, durable specimen adaptable to dry and well drained conditions.  Perfect for backyards, gardens, parks, estates, farms, golf courses, and where a large specimen is needed.  Turns a bright red in fall.  Autumn foliage often persists through winter, and aids in screening.

Mature Height: 50′-55′

Mature Spread: 40′-50′

Zone: 4

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil Preference: This oak is adaptable, but it prospers in moist, well drained, acidic soils.  Is tolerant of dry soil conditions.

Nurseryman’s Notes: If I only had one oak to pick, it would be the scarlet.  The brilliant red fall color can last up to four weeks!  This native has a moderate to faster growth rate (18″-24″ per year) in adolescence and slows with age.  Few pest or disease problems and tolerant of tough planting sites.  This tree has hard wood, and will resist wind and ice damage.

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