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Triumph Elm (Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’)

American elm at one time were plentiful throughout every town and city in the Eastern United States.  Dutch Elm disease (DED) caused a decline in population of these once highly esteemed trees.  Dedicated scientists have found, crossed and tested many elms for DED resistance with great success.

The Triumph elm has very good resistance to DED and is resistant to elm yellows; it also has good resistance to elm leaf beetle. It is easily transplanted, quick to establish, and adaptable to most soil types. Large, lustrous, dark green summer foliage gives way to yellow fall color. Useful for home and commercial landscapes or parks or as street tree.

Mature Height: 55′

Mature Spread: 45′

Zone: 4

Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade

Soil Preference: Moist, deep, well drained soils, but is tolerant of adverse conditions

Nurseryman’s Notes:  If you are looking for a fast growing, larger shade tree, Triumph Elm could be the tree for you.  Triumph Elm is also tolerant of drought or poorly drained soil.  Can also tolerate salt spray and high and low pH soils.  Tough and fast growing, a good shade tree for many situations.

Image result for triumph elm tree

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