Chinkapin Oak

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Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)

Chinkapin or Chinquapin Oak has chestnut toothed leaves against gray bark.  This oak makes a large, durable specimen adaptable to dry conditions and alkaline soils.  Useful in parks, estates, farms, golf courses, and where a large specimen is needed.  Turns a yellow to orangish yellow in fall.

Mature Height: 40′-70′

Mature Spread: 40′-70′

Zone: 4

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil Preference: Tolerant to a wide variety of soils, and is drought resistant once established.

Nurseryman’s Notes: This oak should be used more frequently in the landscape.  What makes this oak special is it’s ability to live on alkaline soils (basic soil pH).  This native has a moderate growth rate (12″-24″ per year) in adolescence and slows with age.  Few pest or disease problems and tolerant of tough planting sites.  This tree has hard wood, and will resist wind and ice damage.

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