Eastern White Pine


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Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

Native evergreen species with soft, bluish-green needles.  Can be used as a specimen or planted in groups for privacy or wind blocks.  This tree can get massive as it matures, but is pyramidal in youth.

Mature Height: 50′-80′

Mature Spread: 20′-35′

Zone: 3

Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade

Soil Preference: Tolerant to a wide variety of soils, but prefers loamy, moist, well drained soils.

Nurseryman’s Notes: A native evergreen, likely the best species for general use.  Fast growing (24″+ per year) with few pest or disease problems.  Tolerant of tough, clay soils and wetter soils, as well as dry soils.  Can be seen growing everywhere from bogs to rocky ridges of the mountains.


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