Bald Cypress

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Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

This deciduous conifer is a tall, airy spire, columnar and softly pyramidal in habit.  The rich green foliage appears on featherlike branches and turns rusty orange to brown in autumn.  The fibrous, reddish brown to gray-brown bark sparks winter interest.  Found in swamps and moist areas throughout it’s native range, this species performs admirably in drier soils and is adaptable to a variety of soil conditions, except high pH.

Mature Height: 50′-70′

Mature Spread: 20′-35′

Zone: 4

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil Preference: Tolerant to a wide variety of soils, but prefers loamy, moist, well drained soils.  Very tolerant of wetter soils.

Nurseryman’s Notes: A unique shade tree that can handle moist conditions.  Moderate to fast growth rate (12″ – 24″ per year) with yellow to golden to orange-brown fall color.  Few pest or disease problems and tolerant of tough, clay soils that can tend to “water log” in spring.  When planted around water, will grow knees.  This tree is ideal for planting in groups or groves.  Also great as a street tree.

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